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Wisdom Body

Online Embodied Movement & Somatic Dance Program

reconnect with your innate feminine power

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A loving relationship with your body


Radical & lasting self acceptance


Your feminine passion and creativity

Discover the essence of Wisdom Body


Learn to relax the mind and surrender into full awareness & acceptance of the feeling body.

Gain the tools to come into an embodied presence at every moment of your life.
Move through your daily life with ease, while never losing connection to your internal wisdom.


Increase your movement vocabulary, expanding your capacity to express yourself through dance.
Activate your whole-body awareness, fluidity, and kinesthetic body intelligence.

Learn new somatic movement practices, exploring the infinite movement pathways, and expanding your skill set for how to effectively express through your body.


Explore, unlock, and celebrate ALL of your Feminine expressions.

Harness the power of all of your emotions and transmute this energy into movement for manifestation and creation.

Learn how to use movement as a prayer and devotional practice to yourself, weaving together your dreams with your reality.

Become the creatrix of your life and empower yourself to take inspired action, the feminine way, with fluidity and grace.

Who is Wisdom Body for?

Wisdom Body is for any woman who wants to go deeper, who may already have some experience in embodied movement, or whose already playing with using dance and movement as part of their personal development and healing modality, but wants more options, tools, guidance, and inspiration.

Women who are new to embodied dance, that are interested in diving into this level of freedom through movement, exploring authenticity and personal expression.

Inside the Wisdom Body Immersion

Wisdom Body is structured into three main areas - Meditation, Activation, and Liberation. Each module includes guided practices in these areas. The Meditation sessions feature audio-guided embodied meditations lasting 15-30 minutes. The Activation sessions offer video-guided practices to expand dance expression and body awareness, ranging from 10-20 minutes. Lastly, the Liberation sessions include audio-guided embodied movement journeys, each lasting 30-40 minutes.

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"I am basking in the pleasure of being a woman. Working with Mana Mei was a profound, transformative, deep passage of giving myself permission to stand in my power and take full responsibility for my life. Mana’s work is potent medicine and receiving it is a big gift…This is the path of the Divine Feminine, of us awakening to be whole and complete, and this in the medicine that gives you the opportunity to step into your wholeness."

Ela Gasiorowska

"I can say with confidence that this work changed my life. Anything Mana touches is imbued with deep love and reverence for the feminine, and this was no exception. Words are really hard to find to describe this work, this medicine, this ancient wisdom that is ignited within your body when you do this movement."

"My body feels activated and strong. I am more aware of how I hold my body and how I move in day to day life. I feel more present more often, in deeper communication with my Soul. Life is now more expansive, more abundant in opportunities, my creativity feels like it flipped a switch and now theres a flood of ideas and inspiration. I feel dedicated to myself and creating my life around this passion for creating art with my body and inspiring others to do the same. I feel closer to the possibility of stepping into my leadership with confidence in what I have to offer! I feel more accepting and self loving for all emotional energies that want to be experienced through me, allowing freedom of expression. And i feel empowered in knowing that i always have this temple space within."

"These rituals of presence and movement allowed me to feel what I had been resisting to feel, to witness the subconscious self sabotaging beliefs and to actively make choices to alchemise them through my movement in these delicious feminine patterns. Through the activations, alot of the ptsd that had been stored in my body and spine had a chance to finally be released.
This brought with it, a deep shamanic journey to the depths of the shadows I had collected in this life, along with the karmic and generational wounded energies that I had been holding on to. I learnt what it means to embody it all, the light and the dark, the love and the fear, to become an embodied woman learning to welcome all with loving presence. I met so many fragmanted parts of my being that had been hiding away, some days I felt ecstaticly empowered, basking in liberation, and others days where I felt frozen in resistance to moving or feeling anything at all. Yet having these practices as a constant, and the specific sets of delicious, nourishing movements, linked with the presence of the breath was sooooo healing, where I could just surrender to Mana’s voice and the beautiful was she leads the practices."


What's included

  • 12 guided audio and video practices
  • Written theory and journaling prompts
  • Lifetime access to program materials
  • Access to the private Wisdom Body Facebook group
  • 2-months free membership to the Liberation Through Movement online community

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Payment plan

$160 x 2 months
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Frequently asked questions

Something greater

There is something much greater than you or me, or our physical bodies and minds, that exists in the unseen world and is the source of what we call magic, and which is always working to bring us back into alignment with our divine path and purpose - that something is your Wisdom Body.

This immersion will provide you with the tools & experiences to help you reconnect with your own Wisdom Body and step into your full power.

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