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A powerful introductory course to the life-changing MANA Movement Practice

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MANA Movement is a modality of movement that is focused on activating the non-linear pathways of energy and of physical movement through the body. These pathways are circles, spirals, and waves. These are also called the Feminine Pathways of Movement.

The purpose of this practice is to bring our physical body and our energy body back into balance- where we hold a harmonious balance between the Masculine and the Feminine. The Masculine movement is linear, the feminine movement is non-linear. Because we live in a world where we primarily move and function from the Masculine, it is important for us to take the time to activate the Feminine in order to come back into harmonious balance.

When we activate these Feminine pathways of movement through the body, we allow the natural flow of life force energy to move through us without restriction. This will allow us to access more creativity, more pleasure, more inspiration, more joy.

It also allows us to meet life’s challenges with more peace and with more grace. It increases our capacity to, literally, flow with life. This will bring more ease into every single aspect of your life. 

Through this practice, by simply focusing on bringing these circles and spirals and waves into every single part of your body, this will in turn benefit the way you move through life and the way you meet life in every single moment. 

By practicing Mana Movement, you will

Mana Movement Foundations is for women who are ready to

Inside Mana Movement Foundations

In this course, Mana Mei, founder of Liberation Through Movement - an international business focused on empowering women through embodied movement, will guide you through her signature life-changing movement meditation practice, MANA Movement. Through this practice, you will cultivate deep interoception (feeling body awareness) and learn to transmute all emotions through the physical body, helping you to regain agency over your life and ability to thrive.

In this Foundational MANA Movement course, you will gain access to TWO full length practices which will bring you into deep communion with your entire body, both physically and energetically.

Through the consistent practice of MANA Movement, you will strengthen your connection to self and cultivate an unwavering inner sanctuary filled with a sense of peace, safety, expansion, and freedom.

Each module includes a video introduction to explain the structure and concept of the practice, plus the full length video guided practice. 

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"”I love it!! I've been searching for this movement my whole life.”"

"“I love the combo of movement, breathwork and meditation. Just what I was looking for without knowing I needed it!”"

"“I’m getting to know myself better with every morning MANA practice. I’m becoming more confident and believe in myself. I'm showing myself to the world in a more authentic way.”"

"“I have only just begun this practice, but I feel it is opening up something healing and powerful. I have realized I have not been feeling or breathing properly because of trauma, and the simple act of breathing, feeling and allowing my own energy to heal me is beautiful.”"

"“I love this course. It makes be feel relax all my muscles, peace and calm. It's great relaxation and exercise”"

"“I feel much more energized and so much more TRULY authentic.”"

"“This practice is truly amazing. The way I feel my body, the way I connect to it, the way I connect to my emotions and let them be.”"

"“One class and I cant wait for a million more!”"


What's included

  • 2 guided video practices
  • Written theory and journaling prompts
  • Lifetime access to program materials
  • Access to the private Mana Movement Facebook group

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Within each of us exists a vast and wonderous landscape of beauty and creative potential. By enrolling now, you can reclaim your role as the master creator of your life and realign with the life you desire.

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