Mana Mei

Meet Mana Mei

Hi, I’m Mana. And I am undeniably obsessed with movement.

I was blessed to find my passion very early in life. I first stepped foot in a dance studio at age 3. And from then on, I have continued to step foot onto a dance floor nearly every day of my life. Since that fateful day 33 years ago, my life journey has been fueled by my absolutely unwavering obsession with dance.

But life as a dancer hasn’t always been glory and fame, rainbows and butterflies For many years, I experienced deep trauma, toxic programming, and was time and time again fed the lies that I was just not good enough. I found myself helplessly trapped in dark holes of depression, a victim to my own emotions, with words of self-hatred running loops in my mind.

But what I have also been blessed with discovering through dance, is the pathway out of the darkness, and into the light of my own radiant power. This path is what I call Liberation Through Movement. The path did not reveal itself all at once, it came over many years of knowing somewhere deep in my body that I deserved a better, more fulfilling and pleasure-filled life. Through my destined life journey and desire for expansion, I opened up to the vast world of spiritualism, embodiment, and alternative culture, while continuing to broaden my understanding of how to use dance for personal healing and transformation. Through this glorious merging of modalities and experiences, I found the way back home to myself, and my passionate inspiration to help other women to do the same was ignited.

I am both an entrepreneur and an artist, now committed to being guided through life by pleasure, creativity, beauty, my inner wisdom, and ability to stand in my authentic expression. And every day and at every crossroad, choosing to listen to my body as She continues to me home to my True Self and Feminine Power.

Liberation Through Movement
Free Masterclass Replay

A perfect resource for anyone interested to learn more about the HOW and WHY the Liberation Through Movement Modality for Healing works

In this experiential movement Masterclass where you will be introduced to the Liberation Through Movement Model- a 3-pillar process for taking the leap from feeling disconnected to arriving in life as a liberated and embodied woman.

I cover in depth the elements needed for you to take the journey back home to your True Self and arrive in a more satisfying experience of life, one in which you feel able to navigate the ups and downs of life from a place of grounded presence and safety.

You will also have the opportunity to be guided through an LTM Movement process to experience it yourself!