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Initiation into the Art of Feminine Embodiment

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Discover the essence of Mana Movement

For centuries, cultures around the world have used dance as a way to pray, celebrate, express, and connect. When the energy that naturally moves through the body is expressed through intentional movement, it has the capacity to reconnect us with our own Source energy and power of manifestation.

This is a practice that, in mainstream culture has been lost.

We have become disconnected from the wisdom that we each innately hold in our bodies. We have become disconnected from the knowledge of how to use dance to pray, call in, and manifest what we desire in life.

But just because we have drifted away from these practices does not mean they have been lost forever!

This knowledge still lives inside each of us, waiting to be reactivated and used for its purpose- to bring us into align with our highest expression of life.

Using movement as a ritual practice can be done by absolutely anyone. There is no skill required. The only element necessary is a willingness to open to the unseen realm of energy, and to prioritize creating time and space to be fully present with your self, your feeling body, and all of the vibrations flowing through you.

Once we learn to tap into the river of energy flowing inside, welcoming it in every form- from the most gentle drips to the 10 foot high crashing waves- then we can learn to harness this power, activate it, and direct it through the body in a way that supports us stepping more fully into our power.

We become the masters of our reality, knowing that what is outside is a direct reflection of that is happening on the inside.

Mana Ritual Movement is for women who are ready to

Unlock their full creative potential by accessing the well of life force energy flowing within.

Realign with a life filled with inspiration, beauty, pleasure, and flow.

Establish an unwavering sense of peace and safety within, no matter what is happening in the world around.

Rise into their full embodied power and live a life of liberated personal expression.

Cultivate deeper self love, confidence, and worthiness.

Become more comfortable dancing and moving their body freely.

Gain more fluidity, mobility, and awareness of their body in motion.

Learn a modality of practice that covers all three aspects of holistic healing, mindfulness meditation, physical body activation, spiritual liberation.

Inside Mana Movement

You have the flexibility to incorporate this program into your daily life. You may choose to engage with these modules every day or practice whenever inspiration strikes. The course is structured with 6 core modules and 4 supplementary modules. Each of the initial six modules delves into the intricacies of a segment within the Mana Movement Practice. Module 6 represents the comprehensive Mana Movement practice. The preceding five modules systematically break down each section. By progressing step by step, you can learn and embody these practices. By the time you reach Module 6, you will have already internalized all these movements, enabling a more profound exploration.

For optimal results, it is recommended to complete each module two to three times before advancing to the next one. This is your opportunity to fully embody these practices, allowing you to perform them effortlessly and immerse yourself in your unique experience. Upon completing the program, the aim is for you to autonomously practice without relying on the videos, as you will have developed a profound familiarity with the movements within your body.

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"”I love it!! I've been searching for this movement my whole life.”"

"“I love the combo of movement, breathwork and meditation. Just what I was looking for without knowing I needed it!”"

"“I’m getting to know myself better with every morning MANA practice. I’m becoming more confident and believe in myself. I'm showing myself to the world in a more authentic way.”"

"“I have only just begun this practice, but I feel it is opening up something healing and powerful. I have realized I have not been feeling or breathing properly because of trauma, and the simple act of breathing, feeling and allowing my own energy to heal me is beautiful.”"

"“I love this course. It makes be feel relax all my muscles, peace and calm. It's great relaxation and exercise”"

"“I feel much more energized and so much more TRULY authentic.”"

"“This practice is truly amazing. The way I feel my body, the way I connect to it, the way I connect to my emotions and let them be.”"

"“One class and I cant wait for a million more!”"


What's included

  • 10 guided video practices
  • Written theory and journaling prompts
  • Lifetime access to program materials
  • Access to the private Mana Movement Facebook group

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$110 x 2 months
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Frequently asked questions

Initiation into the art of feminine embodiment

This is the perfect place to start your journey into full embodied liberation.

Throughout this course, you will be introduced to the Essential component of the MANA Movement Practice.

Each section of the practice is composed of simple, easy to follow movement patterns and exercises that will open the door into the vast world of intentional and intuitive dance as an every day ritual.

MANA Movement is focused on returning to the natural feminine paths of movement- circles, spirals, and waves. By returning to these innate movement patterns, we reestablish the natural, easy flow of energy through the body.

You will gain clarity, peace, and a renewed sense of inspiration.

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