Mana Mei
Mana Mei

Mana Mei

Liberation Through Movement Founder

International Feminine Embodiment Leader

Come back home to your True Self
Reclaim your Feminine Power
Liberate your Fullest Self Expression

What is Liberation Through Movement?

Liberation Through Movement is a personal transformation and healing modality composed of intentionally crafted Embodied Movement and Somatic Dance Practices.

When you dive into the vast world of Liberation Through Movement, you are embarking on a life-changing journey into deep reconnection with all aspects of your TRUE SELF, remembering who you are, and coming back home to your inner sanctuary of SAFETY & FREEDOM.

It is an all-in-one experience: mindfulness meditation, physical activation, and spiritual liberation.

It connects the energetic and physical bodies, heightening your inner wisdom and allowing you to meet the world in full authentic expression.

It awakens your authentic and unique expression by surpassing the language of the mind and accessing deep layers of intuitive knowing.

Liberation Through Movement HEALS — by way of returning you to your innate wholeness, reclaiming fragmented and forgotten aspects of your Self, and creating a safe container for you to step back into the driver's seat of your life.

Quiet your Mind. Activate your Body. Awaken your Spirit.

Meet Mana Mei

Hi, I’m Mana. And I am undeniably obsessed with movement.

I was blessed to find my passion very early in life.

I first stepped foot in a dance studio at age 3. And from then on, I have continued to step onto a dance floor nearly every day of my life.

Since that fateful day 33 years ago, my life journey has been fueled by my absolutely unwavering obsession with dance.

But life as a dancer hasn’t always been glory and fame, rainbows, and butterflies…

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Mana Movement Foundations

Discover the perfect daily practice that will guide you towards a deeper sense of wholeness, peace, radiance, and empowerment. This course is your gateway to embodying your most authentic self. It's more than a practice; it's a path to rediscovering your inner strength.

  • Drop into peaceful presence with the NOW.
  • Awaken every layer of your physical body.
  • Increase mobility, flexibility, and fluidity.
  • Activate your innate creativity, inspiration, and power.
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"I feel infinitely grateful and blessed to have this opportunity to immerse myself and fully receive Mana’s wisdom, teachings and practices at such a potent time in the evolution of consciousness, and will continue daily with these rituals for the days, weeks, and years to come, watching the magic unfold."

Minou Sadeghi, Embodied Temple Keeper

"I am allowing energy to move through me, finding my own medicine, and the power in sisterhood continually helps me to come home to myself. I am eternally grateful"

Julie De Lorenzo