MANA Movement Online Course

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For centuries, cultures around the world have used dance as a way to pray, celebrate, express, and connect. When the energy that naturally moves through the body is expressed through intentional movement, it has the capacity to reconnect us with our own Source energy and power of manifestation. This is a practice that, in mainstream culture has been lost. We have become disconnected from the wisdom that we each innately hold in our bodies. We have become disconnected with the knowledge of how to use this power to pray, call in, and manifest what we desire in life. But just because we have drifted away from these practices does not mean they have been lost forever! This knowledge still lives inside each of us, waiting to be reactivated and used for its purpose- to bring us into align with our highest expression of life.

Using movement as a ritual practice can be done by absolutely anyone. There is no skill required. The only element necessary is a willingness to open to the unseen realm of energy and to prioritize creating time & space to be fully present with your self, your feeling body and all of the vibrations flowing through you. Once we learn to tap into the river of energy flowing inside, welcoming it in every form – from the most gentle drips to the 10 foot high crashing waves – then we can learn to harness this power, activate it and direct it through the body in a way that supports us stepping more fully into our power. We become the masters of our reality, knowing that what is outside is a direct reflection of that is happening on the inside. 

Many ancient movement traditions have already tapped into this, it is not new information!. Martial art forms such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Aikido, Kung Fu and many others have been utilizing this knowledge of energy circulating to harness and amplify power and connection to self. Breathwork is also an ancient practice, but recently becoming more popularized as a way to clear and circulate stagnant energy in the body, release trauma and awaken individuals to their divine connection with life. Recently more popularized forms of free movement practices such as Ecstatic Dance & 5 Rhythms are also helping to forge the connection between self expression through movement with increased clarity, radiance, and satisfaction with life. So, it is already happening! There are thousands of people who have felt the impulse to reawaken this ancient and powerful practice of using intentional movement as a way to fall back in love with life, clear stagnant energy and live the life they deserve.


MANA Ritual Movement is a 3 week immersion which has been designed to suit all women, no matter what your experience, skill, or comfort level with other movement practices. In fact, this immersion has been designed for any woman who are ready to awaken more of their feminine expression. Who are ready to feel more expansive, radiant, passionate, and in love with themselves, even if they may not have the ability or confidence to step into other dance or movement practices.

This Immersion is for You!

This immersion is the perfect place to start your journey into full embodied liberation. Throughout these 21 days, you will be introduced to the essential component of the MANA Movement Practice. Each section of the practice is composed of simple, easy to follow movement patterns and exercises that will open the door into the vast world of intentional and intuitive dance and movement as a every day life ritual practice. This practice is focused on returning to the natural feminine paths of movement- circles, spirals, and waves and how these movements can be supported by the breath.

I am holding you in my Heart as I create each practice. And I am committed to holding you through this immersion with the love of a caring mother and supportive sister. I believe in you! And I believe in this practice. 

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The complete one hour MANA Movement practice is broken down into 5 modules. Every three days, you will receive a new module, which will be added on to the previous practices. The 6th module will be a guided flow of the complete hour-long practice, integrating all of the modules into a fluid practice. The last three days, you will receive a new flow each day which covers a different theme and will help to inspire you to find how you can put together different elements of the practice in order to make a new and unique flow focusing on a specific intention . Each practice will increase in length as you continue building the practice over the course of the immersion. By learning the individual exercises in this way, and building onto the practice each time, you will be gently carried along in a way to support the natural progression of your embodiment and allows the movements and sequence to become familiar. As you move through each practice, you will notice it becoming easier and quicker to drop into your feeling body, to maintain full presence throughout the practice, and to awaken more creativity and freedom in your movements. You will experience new sensations in the body- more obvious feelings of buzzing, vibrating, & pulsing. You will learn to direct this energy through your body in specific pathways, cultivating the ability to intentionally cycle and flow your life force energy in a way that supports awakening, clearing, grounding, and expansion. You will become more sensitive to the energies of the external world and how they affect your internal peace. And you will learn how to feel what is and is not yours, and how to come back to and maintain sovereignty in your body. 


  • Meditation
  • Activation
  • Manifestation
  • Prayer, Pleasure, Purpose


  • Increased fluidity and freedom in your body
  • Increased sense of peace and clarity
  • Increased ability to feel sensations in the body
  • Increased connection to creativity, passion, and sensuality 
  • Increased ability to quiet the mind and be in the present moment
  • Increased connection to your feminine expressions 
  • Increased feelings of embodied power and pleasure
  • Increased ability to maintain embodied presence throughout your day
  • The capacity to make choices and take action guided by your internal body wisdom (otherwise known as INTUITION)

By the end of these 21 days, if you stay committed to showing up for yourself and doing the practice EVERY SINGLE DAY,  you will experience a noticeable change in the way you feel and move through life. You may even experience the feeling of being a fully embodied rock star priestess master creatrix. Because you are! AND YES, THIS CAN BE YOU!


Launch Date: MAY 30th 2020


Embodied Dance Temple Keepers

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You are sacred and sovereign woman. Your body is sacred.
Every expression inside of you is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated.
We are here to give ourselves, and each other, more permission.
Permission to feel. Permission to be wild, sensual, silly, playful, explosive, soft, vulnerable, raging, and fully embodied in our power and pleasure.
You are ready. You already have all of the wisdom deep inside.
Quiet the mind, and listen deeply to the body.
Move from the internal and intuitive impulses.
Be present with yourself – in celebration!
Know that you are worthy. Hold onto deep reverence for life.
Let us return to the ancient way of women, where the world becomes our Temple and we experience every moment as a Ritual designed to weave together our dream reality.
Let us return to the art of movement as ritual.
And let us be the ones to inspire our global tribe of sisters to do the same.
The fastest way to step into our greatness is to leap off the edge of the unknown, and trust that the liquid gold nectar of life will catch us in her gentle current, carrying us along towards our most liberated expression.

Mission of the Temple Keepers

➤ To create and hold sacred spaces where women feel safe to explore their personal expression as a means to connect to their authentic self. 
➤ To unite women in communities all around the world as a way to bring back trust, support systems, vulnerable and authentic connection, and ultimately, heal the ancient feminine wounds of competition and separation among women.
➤ To be a true example of the Embodied Woman. To carry the messages of embodied living beyond the sacred dance containers and into every facet of life. Continuous practice of bridging the internal and external world, staying true and connected to feelings and emotions, and being guided by the innate wisdom inside the body.
➤ To inspire women to self-activate creative life force energy and connect with the natural elements alive inside. To express all feelings (energy) through the body as raw, unfiltered expression, and to welcome everything.
➤ To return to being clear channels for divine creative energy to flow through by releasing stagnation and blocks within the body so that you may deliver the divine messages wanting to be communicated through you at every moment.
➤ To create collective permission for women to connect with each other physically – meeting in vulnerability and authenticity and returning to the purity and innocence of connecting on a sensual and intimate level, rewriting our beliefs around sexuality, sensuality, and love.
➤ To expand women’s capacity to express through movement by teaching specific techniques to increase knowledge of movement. The Temple Keepers are responsible for having a deep understanding of the personal experience of these exercises and knowing first-hand the benefits of practicing them.
➤ To create thoughtful and transformational journeys, events, and workshops for women, of all experience level, where they leave feeling expanded, activated and liberated in their bodies, minds, and spirit.
➤ To be an ambassador of the feminine awakening, vulnerable human connection, and authentic, liberated expression.
➤ To be an ambassador of the ancient art of Dance as Ritual. To return to the way of the temples, where every moment is sacred and should be honored this way. With full presence and intention, so that we may weave the threads of life and reclaim our power to manifest our own reality.

Temple Keeper Apprenticeship: What you will learn

➤ Opening and Closing Circles & Meditations
➤ Embodied Authentic Facilitation, Do You!
Practical Tools:
  • Solo embodiment exercises and explorations
  • Partner & group embodiment practices
  • Transitions in and out of exercise which create a sense of fluidity and coherence, and keep women present with their feeling body
  • Intentional Dance and Ritual Movements for calling in our highest self
  • Exercises and practices based in Modern Dance, Somatic Explorations, Embodied Dance, Intuitive Movement, Release Technique, Embodied Contact
  • Speaking points and clear instructions for each individual exercise
➤ How to design a highly intentional journey that weaves through many energies and expressions and creates a satisfying experience for participants
Concepts, philosophy, and intention for each practice
➤ How to create a safe container and give full permission
➤ Creating a supportive sound & energy scape through music and voice


➤ Minimum 40-hours of Practical Experience for all exercises and explorations: This includes detailed explanation of both physical instructions and opportunity to both give and receive all exercises.
DEEP DIVES: This is allocated time to the deep internal investigation of your own embodied movement, held in a container of a specific movement prompt. We will explore regular deep dives in order to help you tune in more authentically with your embodied dance.
PRACTICE GUIDING: Giving each woman a chance to guide others and gain confidence in her voice and intuitive guiding
➤ Essential MANA Movement Practice: We will cover the basic MANA Movement practice, giving time for you to fully embody and become familiar with this practice
➤ Printed and virtual PDF Manual of all course material including step-by-step instructions on all exercises, explanations of all concepts and philosophy correlated with each segment
END OF COURSE EVENT: You will get a chance to invite women to join a FREE event where you will take them through a Dance Journey.
➤ Permission to use all learned material in whatever way desired. Once you have it, it is yours.
➤ FREE attendance to any public events that I am holding during the duration of the training. This includes but is not limited to The Women’s Dance Temple, CLAY Rituals, or Modern Dance Technique classes.
➤ Access to the private Facebook group with all other women who have been initiated through the training. You may use this group as a support network for questions, inspiration, or to share your work.


2800 USD
Includes accommodation + vegan meals
Payment plans available! Minimum deposit of $400 USD required to confirm attendance
Through teaching specific exercises and movements that bring awareness back to moving in the feminine paths, we support individuals in clearing blockages in the body and returning to a natural and unobstructed flow of energy. In EDT, we encourage moving from the breath, moving with release and relaxation, and using movement and dance as a way to open more space in the body versus creating more holding or stress. The technique is founded on using release, breath, and ease in movement to create opening and clearing- the feminine way.
Because EDT is founded on returning to the feminine ways of moving,
we are encouraged to slow down and embrace moments of stillness. We can have profound results and experience healing through softness. This may be an experience that many people miss because we are all too often convinced that the path to growth involves pushing ourselves to the limits and through pain and suffering. EDT teaches us that we can grow through pleasure, softness, breath and grace that is more sustainable over a lifetime.
EDT is an integration of meditation & movement – it is dynamic meditation. Through these practices, we learn to be in full presence with the moment. By providing the mind with a task to focus on, we allow the body space to activate without hindering their expression by the mind’s perceptions and stories. We are able to stay in a place of exploration and allow the mind to soften into the background. Linear time melts away, and there is only full presence with the moment.

Are you interested in becoming an Embodied Dance Temple Keeper?


I felt a call, a strong call to Mana’s creation. I was magnetized to experience her creation: The Embodied Dance Temple Keepers. So I didn’t think twice, I felt in my bones, in my cells that I just needed to be there. When the practice began, I felt like home again, I felt like my body returned to me : discovering my sacred temple and owning it, with authenticity, pleasure and power. The Embodied Dance gave me freedom, knowledge, reconnection to my own body, to my own desire even if I had no dance experience before. Coming from the Yoga World, the Embodied Dance gave me so much more than any other practice to share. It’s a way of being: Being embodied and empowered by my own feelings. I cannot express how much gratitude I have for Mana, a deep respect for her open heart, her generosity in sharing ALL her knowledge and her creation that mixed technics, intuition and wisdom so perfectly! When I write that every woman has to experience the Embodied Dance created by Mana, I really mean it. I gain not only the insight of who I am inside but also how I can share it outside. I cannot wait to share it through meditations and workshops in France! – Olivia Sautereau

I’m forever grateful for this journey. It has changed my life, my way of moving and identifying myself. I feel deeper and more connected than ever, with my authentic self as well as with others. I feel blessed that I was shown this opportunity and that I now have the tools to share this beautiful way of exploring our existence to others. I feel proud and honored to carry the Embodied Dance Temple Keeper title. Thank you Mana for sharing this work, from the bottom of my heart. It’s like not words are enough though, I carry this experience inside, as a precious treasure that no one can take but it can be shared in endlessness.Tini Warg

The EDTKs Course was life changing for me. I teach dance online and was ready for the next evolution.  The pure, raw, real, sensual, messy, emotional embodiment experience of this course took me deeper in to myself and my dance than I ever thought possible. Mana has a way of holding a space that gives permission for your authentic feminine self to shine through your cracks. Your heart will crack open inside of this work. You experience that the best way to hold space for this work is to do the work yourself. This course is embodied therapy. You will unravel the depths of your soul on the dance floor. The other women in the course become your teachers, your students and your best friends. In just one week the connections you make will change you from the inside. This happens in the space of embodied vulnerability. This course is for anyone that wants to live in life a more fully authentic version of themselves and assist other women in being that also. Jay Kimber

There are those instances in life when I feel such a clear, guttural, no questions asked “YES” to something. Taking Mana’s Embodied Dance Temple Keepers training was one of those instances. The feminine ways of moving that we practice in EDTK are so powerful in rewriting outdated cultural stories that have kept much of humanity afraid of emotions, pleasure and intimacy. Mana is channeling these practices through her body and is creating space for the primal energy in all beings to realize its necessity again. And it’s clear that everything she is offering is coming from a place of having been deeply affected and transformed by the work herself. I’m so beyond grateful to have gifted my body the experience of this work, to have trained so closely with Mana, and to be able to share the beauty of these practices with others!Teagan Rose

This training has been one of the most life-changing transformative experience I have gone through. All the different practices that were taught allowed me to feel whatever I was experiencing and also giving me permission deep dive into my own experience. These practices are also able to be applied to our lives and how we interact with people. I enjoyed the intention of every movement guided by breath that helped me release any tension that I was experiencing. This work helped me connect myself to my feminine energy, connecting with my womb which is my creative force and space for creation. I was able to connect with all my emotions and embrace them. These movements were so healing for me. The listening to my body and doing certain practices that allowed me to fully accept myself. It also gave me a chance to accept whatever was there. What I learned through this practice was that anger and frustration can be transformed into a positive power that can be utilized through those feelings. All of these exercises were so meditative and self-nourishing. Mana was such an inspiring teacher. She really made me feel safe and was so tapped into our energies. I felt like I was able to fully express myself without any judgement. I am so thankful and grateful for this experience. I am so excited to share this experience with other women and share what I have witnessed and felt first-hand. This journey allowed me to heal further from my own traumas and grow from that. I recommend this training for everyone. It is such powerful work that can create a better understanding of self-love, self-acceptance, pleasure and connection with others. – Janina Wenzel


“I have been exploring and practising a lot of healing modalities for years. Throughout years of exploration, it transformed me from holding a lot of anger into stillness, before suddenly it stuck me into numbness for a year. I could not feel any feelings and experienced a lot of pain in my body with no reason. My fire completely shut down. I lost my passion and flow in my business. I lost my self into the state of entropy for a year. I was in a constant state of fatigue but there was anger inside me that I could not express. Until I met Mana and allowed myself to drop and surrender to her medicine – the simplicity of allowing what is with embodied dance. After a year of feeling apathy and numb, finally I could feel my heart beating again 😭🙏✨ I felt the tenderness of my body again. I experienced deep love, affection and compassion towards my body that I have never experienced before. I feel alive, energized and at the same time at peace with my past and future. Whenever I starting to go down spiral to my fogetfullness and anxiousness, I just need to connect, listen to my body and let my body dance. And each time I practice this medicine, I feel more grateful and compassioned towards myself and my day will flow beautifully ✨💕 Thank you Mana for coming into my life showing me the path of simplicity and transmit this magical dance into every cell of my body 😍💃🧚‍♀🔥 You are the best gift of the year 😘🙏 ” – Sheba Dee, Author & Coach

TONGUE OF LIMBS – Practice To Performance

…the rhythm of my breath undulates from my chest
sending sensual spirals down my spine fractalized to the cellular size
I am mesmerized
by my Own movements.
I am a river. Flowing directly into the ocean of cosmic creativity.
A channel of communication for the divine.
Sometimes I am so beyond the mind that I can’t even take the time
to understand what my own body is doing, 
only witnessing the moving.
Speaking light language in the tongue of my limbs.
Fingertips telling the ancient hymns.
My body Weaves words of the infinite.
Ephemeral webs of wisdom wash over the space and then just as softly dissipate.
My Eyes gaze in towards the core of the earth.
My Womb warm with every woman who walked before me.
I embody the eternal well of feminine creativity.

Dance is Medicine. Dance has the power to heal, uplift, and transform. Not only for the dancer, but also for whose who witness the dance. As embodied and intentional creators of dance, we birth a prayer together, a ritual experience that we can offer to the world, and touch deeply those who witness.

Through this intensive, you will not only improve your technical dance skills, you will reconnect with how we can use dance as a transformational experience of beauty and power. We do this by offering our performance from a place of  authenticity and inner connection. Our dance becomes a divine transmission. We are being danced. This is where the true power lies- when we coalesce aesthetic beauty & physical strength with inner divinity & grace, in an ephemeral yet eternal expression of creation.

Tongue of Limbs is an opportunity for women from around the globe, of all dance experience, to come together and create meaningful art that can be shared with all people through the creation of  dance-art films. Each dance intensive will explore various modern dance techniques, embodied dance practices, somatic movement explorations, MANA Movement, improvisation, and choreography workshopping. Each intensive will focus on a particular theme, decided by the collective of dancers present, and through the week, we will co-create a beautiful and powerful performance piece to be captured on film in beautiful natural locations, birthing a unique and meaningful work of art which can be gifted to the world in the form of a film piece, in order to inspire global healing through dance. 

SAMPLE  SCHEDULE (subject to adjustments):

9:00AM: Opening Circle + Group Check ins
9:30-11:00AM: Modern Dance Technique Class
11:10-12:30PM: Somatic Movement / Embodied Dance Practices
12:30-2:00PM: Lunch Break
2:00-5:00PM: Choreography Workshopping and Creation


  • Current Movement/ Dance Practice This could be technical dance such as modern dance, or it could be a regular practice of free movement such as 5 rhythms, ecstatic dance, or embodied dance. My intention is to make this opportunity accessible to women of many levels of dance experience. Because of the depth of focus and required physical engagement, it is important for participants to enter into this intensive with some kind of existing movement/dance practice.
  • Commitment, Discipline, Focus, InspirationThis is called an Intensive for a reason! We will be training for at least SIX hours per day. This will require focus, dedication, and a true desire to show up in your fullest every single day! Please be prepared to work your physical body!


➤ Increase your overall physical strength, flexibility, endurance, and dance skills
➤ Learn technique from various Modern Dance lineages including Release Technique, Limon, Cunningham, GaGa
➤ Explore and deep dive into Embodied Dance and Somatic Movement practices
➤ Gain confidence to invent unique movement and create your own choreography 
➤ Increase Movement Memory & Body Intelligence
➤ Connect with like-minded women and form life-long connections
➤ Co-create a powerful dance-art film that has the potential to inspire thousands of people proud the globe!
➤Connect with the power of Dance as a universal language which connects all people


  • Over 20 hours of Dance & Movement Technique Training
  • Over 20 hours of Choreography Workshopping + Creation
  • Professionally filmed and edited Dance-Art Film


EDJ (1)

Many of us live in a society which encourages the numbing, stuffing down, and restriction of feelings. We have been told that certain ways of acting and expressing ourselves are not acceptable. Most people are living as partial versions of themselves, never realizing their potential as fully activated human beings, possibly never connecting with their true self, their true purpose, and their most vibrant and radiant expression of life.



EMBODIED DANCE JOURNEY is a practice for women who are ready to rekindle a loving relationship with themselves, their body, and their connection to their feminine power. This means calling in more self-love, quieting the judging mind, learning to balance authentic acceptance and inspired action. We become gentle with ourselves, take care of and give gratitude for our bodies, clear stagnant energy, remember our innate feminine power and giving voice to unexpressed parts of being.

The Journey allows us to become the bridge between our internal wisdom and the world around us. It connects us with our authentic and unique expression and surpasses the language of the mind in order to access deeper levels of knowing. Embodied Dance can be accessed by everyone. It approaches from all angles at onc e- it quiets the mind, activates the body, and awakens the spirit. It is an all-in-one experience- mindfulness meditation, physical activation and spirit liberation.Through these journeys, you will be safely guided through a flow of exercises and practices to build trust with yourself and allow you to dive into any energy, feelings, emotions, and expressions that are ready to move through you. 

Through Embodied Dance Practices, you will learn to

• Become more fully expressed, tapping into parts of yourself that have never had a voice
• Connect to your truth and your unique authentic expression
• Fall in love with your body and release body shame
• Re-learn what the body is capable of, and how you can use the natural movements of the body to awaken creative energy, set clear intentions, and manifest into the world
• Restore a healthy connection to your emotions and learn to use intense feelings as a source of inspiration and power, directing this energy in a way that supports you stepping into your highest potential
• Learn to use your potent source energy to flow your life in the right direction, rather than allowing yourself to be helplessly tossed around in the waves of strong emotions
• Love and accept every part of your self!

Through a consistent practice on Embodied Dance, you will  

• Increase the fluidity of the body, returning to the natural feminine paths of moving- circles, spirals, and waves
• Realign with nature itself, returning to a flow state, where you are no longer fighting against the current, but instead, surrendering in grace and trust to the unfolding of your lives
• Become deeply connected to the Earth, allowing yourself to be supported by the ground while also finding the unshakable ground which lives inside
• Become clear channel, allowing energy to flow through without stagnation • Become more fully expressed, confident, and connected to your innate sensuality
• Liberate your Spirit, giving voice to all parts of your self
• Feel more connected to your body, your femininity, and the world around you

Reconnecting with the WISDOM BODY

Do you ever have the feeling that if you fully relaxed and surrendered to the weight of gravity, letting go of holding, that you would just … fall apart? Have you ever thought that you need to hold yourself together? And what would be the consequence if you decided not to hold yourself together anymore? Would you just melt into a puddle of goo?

There is a common mental condition which many people prescribe to referred to as holding myself together. It is a chronic and subtle squeezing in the core of your being as a way to maintain a sense of control. It is the idea that if you didn’t maintain this iron grip on reality that you would drown into raging river of life. This can sound and feel scary, and this fear of being swept into the unknown can prevent you to fully surrender and allow yourself to be guided by something greater than your mind can grasp.

This force is also referred to as Spirit, the Universe, Intuition, the Divine, & your WISDOM BODY. All of these terms point to the idea that there is something much greater than you or me, or our physical bodies and minds, that exists in the unseen world and is the source of what we call magic.  


What we refer to as our body is not just a mass of biological material that we constantly have to battle. How many precious moments of life have you spent judging, shaming, thinking negative thoughts about, or spitting poison at your body? When did we, as women, lose sight of the Truth that our bodies are magnificent altars of creation that deserve to be adorned, honored, respected, and celebrated?

Our bodies are intricate weavings of technicolor energy threads – from ancient codes, ancestral knowledge, past and present life memory, to the seeds of creation itself. Within these threads lives deep layers of wisdom beyond what the mind can comprehend. When we take the time to open our awareness and listen in the present moment, allowing this intuitive wisdom to guide our choices and actions, we create space for the magical & mysterious unfolding of the gifts of life. We realign with our purpose, and return to a place of taking inspired action. The body becomes a bridge between our inner wisdom and the world around us. The body is the magnificent vehicle that carries the force of creation into reality.    

MANA – Ritual Movement for Women


MANA is the embodiment of life force energy.
It is the spirit that lives in each of us, the soul which connects all of us, the fire that creates magic, enacts change, and drives us to live in truth and passion. 
By reconnecting with our MANA, we rebirth ourselves into full potential, committing ourselves to always choosing truth and realigning ourselves with our purpose. Passion becomes our compass and creativity flows through us like a river, uninhibited in its fluid force.
When MANA is alive inside of us, we express ourselves freely, liberating our voices, bodies, minds, and spirits. We welcome all of the intensity of sensations and vibrations, feeling them fully and allowing them to be expressed into the world. 

MANA is a movement practice that reconnects women with the natural feminine ways of moving – in circles, spirals and waves – in order to create more freedom in the body and awaken creative life force energy.

The practice of MANA is designed by Mana Mei, weaving together elements of modern dance, kundalini yoga, release technique, breathwork and intuitive movement. The goal is to awaken and circulate the life force energy within, clear the channels of the body, as well as increase body intelligence and mobility. 

In this structured class we flow through a series of guided movement sequences, focusing on spinal mobility, whole body fluidity, release technique, breath-body connection and body intelligence. Through diving into these exercises with focus and presence, we can effectively awaken and unlock our MANA, the creative life force energy. Intentional breathing and release movement help to clear the channels of the body to allow this energy to flow through us without restriction, unlocking more of our source energy & our innate power.

MANA connects women in movement, dance, and a shared experience of liberation. We come together to celebrate our innate sensuality and our capacity to express ourselves through movement. Relax the mind, enjoy the body, unleash the spirit!

This class will help you to become more comfortable expressing yourself through your body, whether it is on the ecstatic dance floor, by yourself at home, or just the way you move through the world. As you increase the freedom and fluidity in your body, you carry this into the rest of your life … fluid spine, fluid mind!

Upcoming events

Mana Mei offers live Ritual Movement classes in Ubud, Bali as well as internationally.

MANA Ritual Movement for Women
San Francisco, California @ The Center SF
December 21st, 2019  2-4pm
Visit for tickets

You want MANA Movement to be offered at your venue or inquire further?


“I trained in one of the earliest versions of MANA Movement, and I can say with confidence that it changed my life. Anything Mana touches is imbued with deep love and reverence for the feminine, and this was no exception.On the floor, I learned to move in ways that felt natural and liberating. I learned to listen to myself, honor my body and my desires. I vibrated with joy and strength that filled my every move with purpose. I had personal breakthroughs, insights, visions. I had profound moments of healing and wept like a child. Off the floor, I acquired confidence that translated into other areas of my life. So grateful for this experience and hope I can return to take the practice even deeper.” – Anastasiya Sharkova

“I like Mana movement more than yoga! It feels more feminine, more free flowing, more creative and intuitive. And I don’t feel restricted with the correct movement or postures! I love it!” – Kitty Tanaboonbodee

“Mana is a very gifted artist and amazing dancer. That was  truly the best of all my dancing practices and exercises so far. So sensual, soft and true, It has definitely touched my soul. An incredible journey and support for the feminine energy. I feel very grateful for being a part of your tribe 💕. Thank You Mana!” – Dora Wanda

“My body loves Manas classes. Honestly, when I practice the sequence Mana teaches I feel more connected to the natural way the feminine moves. I feel lighter. The gentle spiraling movements somehow seem to create more capacity for inquiry. Aches and pains leave, making room for an expanded awareness of how my body moves through space. Manas teaching encourages me to drop deeper into connecting to the feelings and sensations in the body, allowing me to know myself in a softer and more compassionate way. Mana’s passion, presence and wisdom along with the reverence in the way she holds space is an inspiration.” – Rebecca Needs

CLAY – An Embodied Ritual


Healing Clay is a powerful gift from the Earth.
For centuries, cultures around the world have been using clay for cleansing, purifying, rejuvenation and detoxing the body.
Applying body masks of pure bentonite clay replenishes the body with necessary nutrients and pulls toxins, impurities, heavy metals and chemicals out of the body.

CLAY is a guided journey through embodied practices focused on using clay and dance as a means to reconnect with the earth and its natural gifts, to connect with our bodies and innate sensuality, connect with our authentic expression of movement, and connect with each other in neo-tribalism gatherings in ritual, as women have been doing for centuries.

The purpose of this ritual is self-care, self-love and collective healing through experiential and embodied pleasure and cleansing. Together we create a container of safety in which we can each feel free to explore our own sensuality, enjoying our bodies through touch and movement. We create space to explore vulnerable and true connection with other women through shared experience, conscious touch and expressive movement. We give permission to ourselves and each other to experience clearing and purifying not only through the clay itself, but through all avenues of energy release. 

This is very much a co-created ceremony which can be soft, deep, fierce, fun, gentle, transformational, uncomfortable, blissful, edgy, nurturing, and everything in between.

We leave space to find what is ready and organically wants to be experienced by our souls. Welcoming, giving permission and allowing it all as part of our beautiful spectrum of human experience.  

The story of CLAY

When I began doing body clay masks, I quickly tuned into how ancient this very simple practice felt. As if my soul had been doing this ritual for lifetimes. It has always been a deeply nourishing experience. The clay itself is innately healing in its properties (and makes your skin feel as soft as a baby), but the process of applying, drying and washing the clay I also found to be nurturing & healing on many levels. I have felt very strongly that this is a practice that spans centuries and cultures and when done in community with women, will allow us to tune back into our individual and collective power and ancient wisdom, sharing in the cultivation of love, beauty and embodied presence. 

Mana hosts regular CLAY Rituals in Ubud, Bali as well as on tour internationally.

Are you hosting a women’s retreat in Bali and desire to weave in a deeply transformation experience for your participants? Mana will bring CLAY to you!


“CLAY ritual is a very sacred, intuitive practice. It started with opening our hearts and setting up the intention followed by the application of pure clay. We felt support of the sisterhood and sang together, rubbed each other with clay and washed afterwards. We were laughing and enjoying our time together. We were naked not just by our bodies, but by our souls. Thank you, Mana, for being a Priestess in this ritual!”Katia Utkina  

“The Clay Ritual is such a magic moment : a sacred space to be connected to my Feminine Lineage. I loved being naked in this sacred space, it was like being in an other time, an other space. I used to not love my body and not being able to be naked even in my own bathroom. Realizing that I loved being with my body with my vulnerability and yet with my inner power was a powerful moment. Seing a circle of woman being in their full expression and taking care of each other is such a healing and sacred practice. Mana creates such a sacred and authentic space to allow myself to be completely me and reconnected to my feminine lineage and be part of the embodiment of the Sacred Feminine.” – Olivia Sautereau

Mana, I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful clay ceremony you took us through at Embodiment. I remember I felt so much fear and resistance rise within me when we were first told we would be doing it. I am so glad that I overcame my fear and participated because it ended up being one of the most healing experiences I’ve had. I felt totally safe and held in the space and I just want to thank you so much for that 💖🙏 ” – Kathryn Kassab

“The Clay Ritual invited me back to the comfort of my own body and the love of sisterhood. It felt so liberating and exhilarating that I had only wished I could have experienced that sooner in my life. I have spent many years in conflict with the feminine and my sisterhood, and that evening completely changed the paradigm for me. It was magical, powerful, and completely natural. Thank you for offering such a healing for me and many other women!”Ericka Rankin-Friesen


“I recently experienced a Woman’s clay ceremony at a retreat I attended with Mana. I felt so so safe in the presence of Mana’s energy and love for everyone. I had no expectations or idea on what the ceremony was  or how it was to unfold – and that was just fine – as I felt that anything created by Mana is done with love and with the utmost respect to woman.  We trusted each other in our nakedness in the space she had created.  We loved on our bodies, giving it nourishment and attention with the prepared clay paste.  We shared it in a respectful loving way, embracing the woman’s form in all its different shapes and sizes. It was a calm and nurturing space – everything from the coolness of the clay, the lighting and the words spoken by Mana created community and tribal belonging.  In sharing the water we washed away our old inhibitions and cared for each other as we cleansed and dried.  It was fun, playful and light.  No one woman felt disconnected, embarrassed – it was just a natural supportive caring place to be.  Thank you Mana for this experience – may many woman come into your life to experience this gift you have created” Lisa Revell