TONGUE OF LIMBS – Practice To Performance

…the rhythm of my breath undulates from my chest
sending sensual spirals down my spine fractalized to the cellular size
I am mesmerized
by my Own movements.
I am a river. Flowing directly into the ocean of cosmic creativity.
A channel of communication for the divine.
Sometimes I am so beyond the mind that I can’t even take the time
to understand what my own body is doing, 
only witnessing the moving.
Speaking light language in the tongue of my limbs.
Fingertips telling the ancient hymns.
My body Weaves words of the infinite.
Ephemeral webs of wisdom wash over the space and then just as softly dissipate.
My Eyes gaze in towards the core of the earth.
My Womb warm with every woman who walked before me.
I embody the eternal well of feminine creativity.

Dance is Medicine. Dance has the power to heal, uplift, and transform. Not only for the dancer, but also for whose who witness the dance. As embodied and intentional creators of dance, we birth a prayer together, a ritual experience that we can offer to the world, and touch deeply those who witness.

Through this intensive, you will not only improve your technical dance skills, you will reconnect with how we can use dance as a transformational experience of beauty and power. We do this by offering our performance from a place of  authenticity and inner connection. Our dance becomes a divine transmission. We are being danced. This is where the true power lies- when we coalesce aesthetic beauty & physical strength with inner divinity & grace, in an ephemeral yet eternal expression of creation.

Tongue of Limbs is an opportunity for women from around the globe, of all dance experience, to come together and create meaningful art that can be shared with all people through the creation of  dance-art films. Each dance intensive will explore various modern dance techniques, embodied dance practices, somatic movement explorations, MANA Movement, improvisation, and choreography workshopping. Each intensive will focus on a particular theme, decided by the collective of dancers present, and through the week, we will co-create a beautiful and powerful performance piece to be captured on film in beautiful natural locations, birthing a unique and meaningful work of art which can be gifted to the world in the form of a film piece, in order to inspire global healing through dance. 

SAMPLE  SCHEDULE (subject to adjustments):

9:00AM: Opening Circle + Group Check ins
9:30-11:00AM: Modern Dance Technique Class
11:10-12:30PM: Somatic Movement / Embodied Dance Practices
12:30-2:00PM: Lunch Break
2:00-5:00PM: Choreography Workshopping and Creation


  • Current Movement/ Dance Practice This could be technical dance such as modern dance, or it could be a regular practice of free movement such as 5 rhythms, ecstatic dance, or embodied dance. My intention is to make this opportunity accessible to women of many levels of dance experience. Because of the depth of focus and required physical engagement, it is important for participants to enter into this intensive with some kind of existing movement/dance practice.
  • Commitment, Discipline, Focus, InspirationThis is called an Intensive for a reason! We will be training for at least SIX hours per day. This will require focus, dedication, and a true desire to show up in your fullest every single day! Please be prepared to work your physical body!


➤ Increase your overall physical strength, flexibility, endurance, and dance skills
➤ Learn technique from various Modern Dance lineages including Release Technique, Limon, Cunningham, GaGa
➤ Explore and deep dive into Embodied Dance and Somatic Movement practices
➤ Gain confidence to invent unique movement and create your own choreography 
➤ Increase Movement Memory & Body Intelligence
➤ Connect with like-minded women and form life-long connections
➤ Co-create a powerful dance-art film that has the potential to inspire thousands of people proud the globe!
➤Connect with the power of Dance as a universal language which connects all people


  • Over 20 hours of Dance & Movement Technique Training
  • Over 20 hours of Choreography Workshopping + Creation
  • Professionally filmed and edited Dance-Art Film