MANA – Ritual Movement for Women

MANA – Ritual Movement for Women


MANA is the embodiment of life force energy.
It is the spirit that lives in each of us, the soul which connects all of us, the fire that creates magic, enacts change, and drives us to live in truth and passion. 
By reconnecting with our MANA, we rebirth ourselves into full potential, committing ourselves to always choosing truth and realigning ourselves with our purpose. Passion becomes our compass and creativity flows through us like a river, uninhibited in its fluid force.
When MANA is alive inside of us, we express ourselves freely, liberating our voices, bodies, minds, and spirits. We welcome all of the intensity of sensations and vibrations, feeling them fully and allowing them to be expressed into the world. 

MANA is a movement practice that reconnects women with the natural feminine ways of moving – in circles, spirals and waves – in order to create more freedom in the body and awaken creative life force energy.

The practice of MANA is designed by Mana Mei, weaving together elements of modern dance, kundalini yoga, release technique, breathwork and intuitive movement. The goal is to awaken and circulate the life force energy within, clear the channels of the body, as well as increase body intelligence and mobility. 

In this structured class we flow through a series of guided movement sequences, focusing on spinal mobility, whole body fluidity, release technique, breath-body connection and body intelligence. Through diving into these exercises with focus and presence, we can effectively awaken and unlock our MANA, the creative life force energy. Intentional breathing and release movement help to clear the channels of the body to allow this energy to flow through us without restriction, unlocking more of our source energy & our innate power.

MANA connects women in movement, dance, and a shared experience of liberation. We come together to celebrate our innate sensuality and our capacity to express ourselves through movement. Relax the mind, enjoy the body, unleash the spirit!

This class will help you to become more comfortable expressing yourself through your body, whether it is on the ecstatic dance floor, by yourself at home, or just the way you move through the world. As you increase the freedom and fluidity in your body, you carry this into the rest of your life … fluid spine, fluid mind!

Upcoming events

Mana Mei offers live Ritual Movement classes in Ubud, Bali as well as internationally.

MANA Ritual Movement for Women
San Francisco, California @ The Center SF
December 21st, 2019  2-4pm
Visit for tickets

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“I trained in one of the earliest versions of MANA Movement, and I can say with confidence that it changed my life. Anything Mana touches is imbued with deep love and reverence for the feminine, and this was no exception.On the floor, I learned to move in ways that felt natural and liberating. I learned to listen to myself, honor my body and my desires. I vibrated with joy and strength that filled my every move with purpose. I had personal breakthroughs, insights, visions. I had profound moments of healing and wept like a child. Off the floor, I acquired confidence that translated into other areas of my life. So grateful for this experience and hope I can return to take the practice even deeper.” – Anastasiya Sharkova

“I like Mana movement more than yoga! It feels more feminine, more free flowing, more creative and intuitive. And I don’t feel restricted with the correct movement or postures! I love it!” – Kitty Tanaboonbodee

“Mana is a very gifted artist and amazing dancer. That was  truly the best of all my dancing practices and exercises so far. So sensual, soft and true, It has definitely touched my soul. An incredible journey and support for the feminine energy. I feel very grateful for being a part of your tribe 💕. Thank You Mana!” – Dora Wanda

“My body loves Manas classes. Honestly, when I practice the sequence Mana teaches I feel more connected to the natural way the feminine moves. I feel lighter. The gentle spiraling movements somehow seem to create more capacity for inquiry. Aches and pains leave, making room for an expanded awareness of how my body moves through space. Manas teaching encourages me to drop deeper into connecting to the feelings and sensations in the body, allowing me to know myself in a softer and more compassionate way. Mana’s passion, presence and wisdom along with the reverence in the way she holds space is an inspiration.” – Rebecca Needs

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