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Many of us live in a society which encourages the numbing, stuffing down, and restriction of feelings. We have been told that certain ways of acting and expressing ourselves are not acceptable. Most people are living as partial versions of themselves, never realizing their potential as fully activated human beings, possibly never connecting with their true self, their true purpose, and their most vibrant and radiant expression of life.



EMBODIED DANCE JOURNEY is a practice for women who are ready to rekindle a loving relationship with themselves, their body, and their connection to their feminine power. This means calling in more self-love, quieting the judging mind, learning to balance authentic acceptance and inspired action. We become gentle with ourselves, take care of and give gratitude for our bodies, clear stagnant energy, remember our innate feminine power and giving voice to unexpressed parts of being.

The Journey allows us to become the bridge between our internal wisdom and the world around us. It connects us with our authentic and unique expression and surpasses the language of the mind in order to access deeper levels of knowing. Embodied Dance can be accessed by everyone. It approaches from all angles at onc e- it quiets the mind, activates the body, and awakens the spirit. It is an all-in-one experience- mindfulness meditation, physical activation and spirit liberation.Through these journeys, you will be safely guided through a flow of exercises and practices to build trust with yourself and allow you to dive into any energy, feelings, emotions, and expressions that are ready to move through you. 

Through Embodied Dance Practices, you will learn to

• Become more fully expressed, tapping into parts of yourself that have never had a voice
• Connect to your truth and your unique authentic expression
• Fall in love with your body and release body shame
• Re-learn what the body is capable of, and how you can use the natural movements of the body to awaken creative energy, set clear intentions, and manifest into the world
• Restore a healthy connection to your emotions and learn to use intense feelings as a source of inspiration and power, directing this energy in a way that supports you stepping into your highest potential
• Learn to use your potent source energy to flow your life in the right direction, rather than allowing yourself to be helplessly tossed around in the waves of strong emotions
• Love and accept every part of your self!

Through a consistent practice on Embodied Dance, you will  

• Increase the fluidity of the body, returning to the natural feminine paths of moving- circles, spirals, and waves
• Realign with nature itself, returning to a flow state, where you are no longer fighting against the current, but instead, surrendering in grace and trust to the unfolding of your lives
• Become deeply connected to the Earth, allowing yourself to be supported by the ground while also finding the unshakable ground which lives inside
• Become clear channel, allowing energy to flow through without stagnation • Become more fully expressed, confident, and connected to your innate sensuality
• Liberate your Spirit, giving voice to all parts of your self
• Feel more connected to your body, your femininity, and the world around you

Reconnecting with the WISDOM BODY

Do you ever have the feeling that if you fully relaxed and surrendered to the weight of gravity, letting go of holding, that you would just … fall apart? Have you ever thought that you need to hold yourself together? And what would be the consequence if you decided not to hold yourself together anymore? Would you just melt into a puddle of goo?

There is a common mental condition which many people prescribe to referred to as holding myself together. It is a chronic and subtle squeezing in the core of your being as a way to maintain a sense of control. It is the idea that if you didn’t maintain this iron grip on reality that you would drown into raging river of life. This can sound and feel scary, and this fear of being swept into the unknown can prevent you to fully surrender and allow yourself to be guided by something greater than your mind can grasp.

This force is also referred to as Spirit, the Universe, Intuition, the Divine, & your WISDOM BODY. All of these terms point to the idea that there is something much greater than you or me, or our physical bodies and minds, that exists in the unseen world and is the source of what we call magic.  


What we refer to as our body is not just a mass of biological material that we constantly have to battle. How many precious moments of life have you spent judging, shaming, thinking negative thoughts about, or spitting poison at your body? When did we, as women, lose sight of the Truth that our bodies are magnificent altars of creation that deserve to be adorned, honored, respected, and celebrated?

Our bodies are intricate weavings of technicolor energy threads – from ancient codes, ancestral knowledge, past and present life memory, to the seeds of creation itself. Within these threads lives deep layers of wisdom beyond what the mind can comprehend. When we take the time to open our awareness and listen in the present moment, allowing this intuitive wisdom to guide our choices and actions, we create space for the magical & mysterious unfolding of the gifts of life. We realign with our purpose, and return to a place of taking inspired action. The body becomes a bridge between our inner wisdom and the world around us. The body is the magnificent vehicle that carries the force of creation into reality.    

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